Pathfinders forever!

Heading up the highway, following the Son… we pull into this church for Sabbath and to Richie’s excitement, there was a Pathfinder Investiture that afternoon.

Northeast SDA Church itself was great. The Pastor spoke beautifully and again a fabulous friendly church with loads of people making us feel welcome. There was a fantastic communion service and we didn’t get out of church till 2pm.

How is this for a small world? The Pastor was brought to Australia to preach in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Just a few of the many messages we received are these two which stuck out beautifully.

  1. Outside of Christ, you’re breathing to death.
  2. The things of this world can gratify, but only Christ can satisfy.

Can I get an Amen?

Pastor Ezra bringing the Word

Preach it Pastor!

God Be The Glory!

Cause we're the Pathfinders! Believe us when we say, we're heading in the right direction. Cause Jesus leads the way!

Someone's just a little excited!


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