Be still my beating heart!

I LOVE shops like this!

“The Paris Market” is one of the stores on Broughton Street , just a few blocks from where we are staying at The Marshall House.

Before I die, I want to own and run a Post Office. Now, I’ve decided that adjacent to that dream Post Office, I want to have a store like this one. Antiques, knick-knacks, cards, soaps, ornaments, jewellery, furniture, books, coffee – the list goes on. If it doesn’t happen here on earth, I’ll have it or something bigger and better in heaven.

The owners tour the world looking for pieces and bring them back to Savannah to re-sell. What a dream! A 1950’s black telephone was for sale for $2500 and I was keen on it till I saw the price.

Ah, that’s a neg.

I hope that these pictures can tell the story well enough for you to feel the excitement that I experienced while walking through. Remember people, it’s a Point-and-Shoot! My sister would have done a way better job.

Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup

Oh my, how I love this!

Look on the left! That's the $2500 black phone


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