Meet Mildred

She was born in 1922 and she used to work for President Bill Clinton.

Growing up through the hardships of life, she told Richie and I that she had never  dreamt of working for the President nor that she would have the power to whisper in the ear of him and get him to do something.

Through the Clinton Administration, she was a secretary and since the change of Administration to Bush, and now to Obama, she no longer had a job over there. Now she volunteers in the White House Visitors Center.

What I love about this woman is that she has a heart of gold. One day while working at the White House, she got chatting to some of the cleaners. They had told her that during the 20 years of service, they had not met one President. They had passed many of them in the hallways, and many did not even look at them. After this conversation, she told them to go wash their hands and she would see what she could do. Mildred found Clinton, whispered in his ear, and he came and said hello to the cleaners without a second thought. He had pictures with each of them and Mildred had the pictures printed, signed and framed.

The reason I found all this is out is that I enquired at the info desk how long it had been that they stopped general visitors from touring the White House. As Australians we now have to write to our Embassy and request a visit – this could take up to 6 months or more. American citizens have to write to their state representatives. This is completely different from 1999 when we lined up for about an hour, went through security and got to walk the halls of the White House. 9/11 changed the face of America and they became strict on who entered. Mildred then went on to explain how she had been trying for years to get a job back in the White House.

Don’t you think Obama needs to hire this lady?


2 thoughts on “Meet Mildred

  1. Beautiful story Bec! I love how you’ll talk to anyone – you’ve always had that special gift. I bet you made Mildred’s day too by making her feel interesting and worthwhile. Bless!!!

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