A little D.C.

D.C. is fun.

I love all the historical sites and feeling the pride of the nation that dwells here.

We had a great experience at the Washington National Cathedral, which is where a few of the presidents have had their funerals. However, the most recent stately occasion was President Obama’s dedication service the day after his inauguration. As Richie does, he went over to the Rector, introduced himself, and asked for a photo AND a bit of a private tour. No one says no to Richie as you can see in the photo below, which was taken in a fenced off area, he got what he wanted.

We were then invited to stay for the midday service, which was on The Lords Prayer. It was fantastic. But before that we explored the Cathedral… Can anyone else see the heart in the picture below?

Banished to the Children's Chapel

When we drove to the White House, we parked our car underneath the Ronald Regan building which is one block over from where we wanted to go. Our car was searched from bonnet to boot, they swabbed us and our car for explosives. Plus they inspected our driver’s license before we could drive down the ramp to park.

Can you believe it?

Just in case you have never seen it before, this is the White House.

This is us in front of the White House

"Excuse me Mr President, can we please come in for some Iced Tea?"

Awesome park on the Mall, eh?

I love Capitol Hill!

It’s amazing how much things have changed.

I sound like I’m 105 and I walked 10 miles in the snow to school with no shoes.


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