How I blog…

Two pieces from my blogging tool box

After having way too many late nights in New York blogging, I’ve finally got myself a blogging habit.

While we are driving on long boring freeways, I sit with Richie’s laptop on my lap and my iPhone close by and type my little heart out.

While we are out of the car being tourists, I type notes straight into my iPhone as funny stuff happens.

I started the note-taking habit while in New York in Tiffany’s. While we were touring the financial district, we had a little mozey in their newest store opposite Trump Towers. I’m looking in some of the cabinets; Richie comes up behind me and says, “Ahh, it’s all going to burn anyway!” I thought, right I need to lock that one away until he looks at a new car!

Once we hit our hotel suite, I upload it straight to and add pictures.

So there you have it.

That’s how I bog, I mean blog.

This is how I blog - note the Susquehanna River blurred in the background


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