New York, New York – Part Tois

Today was massive!

Firstly, the Tony Awards were held a few streets over from us at Radio City and the air is electric. Secondly, the Puerto Rican Parade was held over on 5th Avenue and the good old J-Lo and Marc Antony hosted. Thirdly, Australia played their first game in the World Cup. Fourthly, and most importantly, it was Richie and my 6-month wedding anniversary.

Can I hear you say ahhh?? All together now, AHHH.

So we decided to celebrate in style. A kiss up the top of the Empire State Building then off to “The Australian” to watch the game along with every Australians, both tourist and ex-pat, in Manhattan. What a disappointment the game was. Honestly, the ref was blind, the backs and mids allowed every through ball through, and ze Germans had every right to win that game. The Socceroos handed it to them in the first 20 minutes. “Here you go, take our dreams of being a world-class team and enjoy the victory at our expense.” Ok, so I’m a little sad ok?

After the disappointing 4-0 win to ze Germans, Richie and I decided since it was Tony night that we should indulge in another night of the Arts. Would it be a movie, a play, or a musical? Richie was busting to see Mary Poppins “Babe, I use to love it when I was a kid. I would watch it all the time!” But alas, it was Tony night after all and it wasn’t playing. So a play called “The Screwtape Letters”, by C.S. Lewis was second in line of must-sees on “Off Broadway”. They weren’t nominated for anything so they were going ahead. Can I just say it was excellent! It was a 2-man show and thought-provoking. It is too long-winded and deep for me to explain the story line, so I think you should just Google it.

After the show we went off to have dinner at a restaurant we passed a few days ago called Chimmichurri Grill – Argentinian restaurant on 9th Avenue. Oh my, this was THE best meal we have had in New York. It was INCREDIBLE!

Then the night was complete by heading back to the hotel and watching the Tony’s on TV.

I love those Glee guys and reckon they are amazing.

Love is in the air - Empire State Building

The Australian - where every Australian man and his dog were watching the Socceroos get beaten by ze Germans


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