Good-bye New York, Hello Intercourse!

It amazes me that only 2-3 hours south-west of New York is a sleepy little town called Intercourse, Pennsylvania. The genetic make-up and dynamics of each of these places are like chalk & cheese.

Yesterday, as we ate grilled chicken baguette on 5th Avenue, we sat in silence people watching. My ADD kicked in and I thought, right, I’ve had enough of this town, I need a new adventure. How can people be one with their thoughts in this place? I need to get back downtown to Greenwich Village where I can sit in a park and feel normal.

So after hiring our Lincoln, I made Richie take me back down to Greenwich Village so we could explore it a bit more.  The tree-lined streets, beautiful stoops, decorated gates/windows/front doors just makes my heart sing – I can’t help it, I’m a real estate agent! Winding our way uptown via Park Avenue, then Madison Avenue, we admired the stunningly dressed windows of the typical uptown stores like Chanel, Missoni, Valentino, Jimmy Choo etc then we cut west through Central Park and down through Harlem to our gateway out of the concrete jungle.

Now as I write on Richie’s laptop sitting shot-gun on the New Jersey turnpike, I’m glad to have been able to share a couple of days with Richie in the Big Apple. However, I am extremely excited about the journey we have ahead.

So our basic run-down between here and the General Conference in Atlanta, Georgia goes like this:

  1. Intercourse, Pennsylvania – Amish country
  2. Washington D.C. for 3-4 days – ducking into Silver Springs (General Conference Headquarters) Say g’day to Obama at the White House, Memorials, Smithsonian Museum etc.
  3. Greensboro, North Carolina – Rose Parkes and Civil liberty museum etc
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina – Billy Graham territory
  5. Savannah, Georgia – “Hellp, I’m Forrest Gump”
  6. Atlanta, Georgia – G.C.

It’s going to be a monster drive, but we are in a monster car and it will be fun.

More photos to come…


2 thoughts on “Good-bye New York, Hello Intercourse!

  1. Hello Reid’s! We’re so jealous back here and so glad you’re having such a great time. Jonathan suggests you really try to get to Asheville in North Carolina – and if you need accommodation his parents have a lovely spare room! It’s a beautiful town and has fantastic food everywhere.

    More advice – procure a gun prior to going anywhere near Atlanta, GA!! Because we love you! On another food note, go to the restaurant at the top of the Peachtree Hotel in Atlanta.

    Can’t wait to go back – I have the loveliest tour guide.


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