I’m having one of those moments…

… where I am torn between going to bed and blogging.

I had a late one last night… I think I will just crash and catch up tomorrow night while the Tony Awards are on.

As previously mentioned, Catherine Zeta-Jones is performing “A Little Night Music” across the road from us and she has been nominated for a Tony. We are thinking about heading down to Radio City and watching the celebrities arrive.

Just a quick mention… we had one of the most amazing Sabbath’s today! We visited Ephesus SDA church in Harlem. Forget Brooklyn Tabernacle or any other church in Manhattan,  this church is the place to be! We were there from about 9:30am for Sabbath School and didn’t leave till around 6pm after AY. The moment we stepped out of the cab, we were greeted and welcomed by every second person. One of of the older ladies even said to us after a 5 minute chat “Well welcome again, this is your church, and will always be your church.” Every church should be like this one! I’ll try to up load a video for you to have a taste…

Tomorrow is Richie and my 6 month wedding anniversary and we are going to climb up to the top of the Empire State Building – oh bless!

More tomorrow :)

View downtown over Central Park


One thought on “I’m having one of those moments…

  1. OH BLESS!! Amen to “..this is your church, and will always be your church.” Will definitely have to check that church out when I’m in NY some day!
    p.s. Nice Sabbath best! Hehe :)

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