Bec’s Movie Reviews

Remember “Couch Potato”?

1980’s, Sunday morning childrens TV, Channel 2 at 8am…???

Well that’s going to be the format of my movie reviews.

*Alice in Wonderland -5 Spuds
Depp, as always, holds us with his immeasurable performance. I love him, he is pure genius. Brilliant costumes! It made me feel like a child again.

*Valentines Day -2 Spuds.
I should have listened to my brother-in-law. Few cute parts but comes with a high cringe factor.

*Dear John – 3 Spuds. Was expecting more. Meh.

*Bec, Digital Nation (Doco)- 3 Spuds. Some boring parts which I would have liked to fast forward, particularly the gaming parts. Athough it was interesting hearing about World of Warcraft addicts. Saw the biggest LAN party I’ve ever seen! Was highly interested in the studies on multi tasking from MIT.

That’s all we got to see. Sleeping was high priority on this leg.


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