How many quotes do I need to get?

My sales partner, GK, is in the throws of getting quotes for the renovation of her en suite and main bathroom. She turns to me today and says “How many bathroom quotes do you think I should get for my renovations?” I can’t exactly remember what I answered her with… but maybe it was something like “However many you want to get”.

The fact is there is no rule for getting quotes. You need to get as many as it takes to make you feel comfortable and confident with your decision. Some people will go with 2 quotes, some will go with 10. My best advice to guarantee to be on the front foot. :

  1. Ask around! Talk to friends/family/neighbours/work-mates to see if there are any good stories of great Reno’s and reliable tradies.
  2. Ask for references! Ask if you can call the last 5 clients they have worked for. Generally you will get a mixed bag of experiences and its a good opportunity to ask the nitty-gritty stuff like, did they turn up when they said they would?
  3. Ask for proof! Get them to show you their “Brag-Book” with photos of their work and other details.

Check out these hot bathrooom:

Imagine soaking in this bathtub. Heck yes!

Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!!

On a side note… My most favourite bathroom in all the world was in the home of my friends Donni & Dave. They lived in a beautiful 150 year young home in Derby, U.K. which they had renovated and respectfully restored from top to toe. When we stayed with them back in 2003, I remember how amazing the intricate Greek blue ceramic wall tiles were. They were similar to the tiles below, minus the animals and birds. Donni, if you are reading this and I am wrong about any of it, amuse us and just play along with my child-like memories! I remember thinking “I wish this was my house!” “I wish I could take a picture in here, but who takes photos of bathroom tiles?”

I wish I had.


Keep on trekking...The end.



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