Hello world! I’m now a blogger…

So it has begun.

First it was Facebook. Then it was Twitter. Now it is Adventures of a Pastor’s Wife.

This is where my/our random thoughts and funny stories are going to be shared with whoever actually cares.

We are in our first year of marriage, running on about our fifth month no less, and to be honest there is plenty to laugh about.

From almost poisoning each other with dinner table delights (Richie will argue he is the better cook than I – note to self: blog on Richie’s “Clare can you please teach Bec how to cook” Speech at our wedding reception in December 2009) to me bagsing to mow the lawn to certain sayings like “How long do I have to be married to you for you to realise that…”. You get the picture.

I’m not making any promises about the level of hilarity here. This blog is really going to be a place for our family and friends to shake their heads with embarrassment, laugh till they cry, or just think “Man, those guys are crazy.”

Our life is an adventure and we’re just going to keep on trekking.


Keep on trekking...