Hey Baby… Your Dad is so funny!

Last night we were scooping out downtown Parramatta outdoor ice-rink for #wahroongateens. It was cold, reeeeeeal cold outside, and quite frankly I didn’t want to get out of the car and walk around.

Your Dad’s response to my protest…

“You’re getting out and coming for a walk, because you don’t walk enough! Come on!”

“Dude! I just did 30mins on the cross-trainer, PLUS 30mins on the tread, PLUS 30mins of weights right before jumping in the car with you! I’m still in my gym clothes! Oh and I forgot, I’M 7MTHS PREGNANT!”

LOL – one day you will find his Dad jokes hilarious. Everyone does, including your Mama.



ANZAC Day 2014

A few years ago I trekked the Kokoda Track with my mate Mark and some other friends from church. Each ANZAC day, my mind naturally wanders back to the trail.

I wrote about this adventure and shared a few photos here.

This might mean nothing to you, but today I ate some pineapple. Yep, you’re welcome. It was so sweet it reminded me of the pineapple we all scoffed down at the top of Brigade Hill. It was here in 1942, the Battle of Brigade Hill was fought over three days where the besieged Australians desperately fought to hold back the advancing Japanese. You can read the history here. Only the lads on that trip will know how good the pineapple was, but also how hard that bloody climb was to the top of Brigade Hill in the PNG heat and humidity.

Today we headed down to support our Wahroonga Pathfinders at the Wahroonga Cenotaph. It was a great morning and they represented and supported our local servicemen association well. I’m proud of those guys and proud of their community involvement and service.


Lest we forget.

Hey Baby!

So last week we shared with the Facebook world that you will be coming into our world this September.

FB Announcement

It was an exciting week.

Your Dad sat at the dining room table and watched the announcement increase in Facebook likes and comments like a pinball machine. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ha! Your Mum didn’t have time to sit around all day and she had to go to work. The encouragement was overwhelming and there are plenty of people excited about your arrival… even though we have to wait another 6 months.

The exciting thing about last week is that, apparently, God opened your ears and you can now hear. I learnt this from my pregnancy iPhone app :)

I am particularly thankful that this happened when it did because I was at the Colour Conference when I turned 14 weeks pregnant.


The first noises and murmurs you would have heard in utero was *insert southern accent here* people preachin Jesus. You would have heard Bobbie Houston, Beth Moore and Lisa Bevere preach their little backsides off about God in our past, present and future, faith for any season of life, forgiveness, deliverance and restoration in Jesus, God’s unique love for us to name just a few topics. AND you would have heard your Mum yell “Amen!” and “That’s right!” till she was blue in the face. There was also incredible music and singing, and beautiful songs containing incredible melodies and lyrics.



This is Aunty Jess (15 weeks pregnant) Aunty Tara (38 or 39 weeks pregnant) and I (14 weeks pregnant) eating maccas to calm out pregnant bellies.

I’m so happy that this was the week you got to hear the outside world. I couldn’t think of a better first.

For this, your Mum is extremely thankful.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It was 9 years ago on the 12th of March that Richie and I decided to make our thing official.

We were kind of dating since we met at our church Division Youth Congress held in Fiji since the January, but it was on the 12th of March we decided, “Yep, let’s do this.”

I remember it being the weekend that I flew to Brisbane and was thrown in the deep end. Like a deer in headlights, at the South Queensland Youth Rally with approx. 1200 people, I was walked down the middle aisle to the front row at the Youth Rally. I felt like there were plenty of eyes on me and I seemed to hear whispers in the crowd… “Who’s this Sydney girl who has stolen our Richie’s heart?” “She better not take him away!”


I also remember it being the weekend I confessed to him that I was falling in love with him.


Richie has a Vision meeting tonight with his school and the church so we celebrated last night with dinner in Baulkham Hills. Tim Mannah and Ben Smith from the Parramatta Eels were there with us in the restaurant. This consolation prize for not going out on our actual anniversary was all totally planned. Pity they don’t play for Souths though.

Such is the life of a Pastor’s wife.


This week, I’m grateful for my mate Warren

Last week we said “seeya later” to a soldier.

Our mate Warren was a man who fought long and hard. In fact, much longer than anyone ever predicted, with dignity and honour, without a moan or complaint. He was a soldier in the war of cancer. There was no song or dance about it, he just got on with it quietly and did the best he could. He loved his wife and loved his kids. He loved his family, he loved his mates and he loved his South Sydney Rabbitohs. Most of all, he loved his Saviour, Jesus.

This past week, my absolute favourite part at the funeral was when his three mates paid tribute to Warren. It was such a powerful testimony. They stood up the front of our church of 300 plus people and declared how amazing Warren’s transformation was when he let God into his life. It was a life transformed, and the impact on his mates was phenomenal. God used Warren in ways he would never have known.

What a legacy, what a gift.

His was a life well lived.

The lyrics of Hillsong United’s Scandal of Grace played over and over in my mind that day. “Death where is your sting? Your power is as dead as my sin.”

It was a great farewell.

Last Thursday, the Bunnies played the Roosters in the Season opener at ANZ Stadium. We were blessed to have some tickets given to us and we took Tennesse and Sam with us.






When Souths ever scored, Warren used to get up on his seat and scream at them twirling his scarf or jersey around his head like a helicopter. Quite often on the Sunday night news you would catch Warren’s helicopter in the crowd.


We couldn’t stop laughing!



What a win and what a great start to the season!

Glory Glory to South Sydney. Warren would have been very proud and very happy.

Christmas / Boxing Day Wrap-up


With 2014 about to bust in, it is time I posted our Christmas/Boxing Day adventures.

So, how was your Christmas?

This year it was our turn to spend Christmas Day in Sydney and we got up to all sorts of mischief.


Mid December Richie and I woke up early one morning, made some coffee and put up the tree. It was never going to happen unless we put an early morning in. I posted a pict on Instagram with the caption: “Two things could be heard in the Reid home in the wee hours this morning: 1) “There you go, Merry Christmas” (the tree was like ^^^ this) and 2) “Crap, I’ve got glitter in my coffee”.



First ornaments on the tree this year were a our ceramic stars from Karyn, one of our bestie’s who decked us out with some lovely Paper Boat Press items.


The finished job – picture taken on Christmas Day. Richie proudly set up this photo. Take note of the particular emphasis on the lit lamp. He was very proud.





11:50pm on Christmas Eve we had a knock at the door, and it wasn’t Santa. Lysh was meant to be in Bali but there was a passport expiry date malfunction, so she unexpectantly re-booked her flight and spent the morning with us. Luckily, she was able to re-book a Christmas arvo flight.



Do you have a funny egg story? We do… now.

It turned out that the two dozen expensive free range eggs from Thomas Dux I bought on Christmas Eve, were all off. ALL OF THEM! I got ripped. Luckily we had an older carton with 7 or 8 eggs in the fridge which we did the float test with. Marcus was then put in charge of frying them all while Richie cleaned up the stinky electric fryer. Bummer.





After brekkie we headed over to the Pereira’s for a late lunch with the extended Portuguese fam. It was awesome to hang out and play with little Eve. She is such a cutie-pie.




Richie had a crack at making a Coconut & Pomegranate Cheesecake which our friend Shivvy used as her entry into this years Philly cheese competition – if you want to make it though, call us first! Shiv did some fine tuning after the comp and they wouldn’t let her post it. It was so yummy, I think Erica would love it.


Boxing Day was spent in the city at the sales, and let’s be honest, Vanessa and I were in our element! Really VP and I should have gone alone, but sometimes we all need to be pushed out of our comfort zones and forced to swim for our lives in the deep end. Check out the sea of people in this video taken by Marcus. Haha, good times!


Actually, I think secretly, the boys did end up enjoying themselves.


So, Happy (belated) Birthday Jesus and Merry (belated) Christmas to you and your family.

Since it is New Years Eve as well, we want to wish you a cracking good New Year too.

Looking forward to the 2014 adventures that God has in store for us all.

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Happy Birthday Dad!

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Today is Dad’s birthday and I’m grateful to God for giving Vanessa and I such an awesome Dad.

He has taught us about God.

He has taught us not to be afraid to explore the world and be adventurous.

He has taught us about Real Estate.

That’s only a few things but there are a million more :)


Photo by Linzi Aitken – Some of my absolute favourite photos of us as a family were taken on my wedding day and my sister’s wedding day.

Dad 2

Photo by Linzi Aitken – Dad was sitting writing his speech for the reception while all us girls were out the back getting primped.


Official photography by Gemma Clarke

Dad 3

Official photography by Gemma Clarke

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you enjoyed your day.

We love you.

Walk. Believe. Become.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been stuck around John 12 in my morning devotions. In fact I think it has become my all time favourite chapter in the New Testament.

Have you ever read to a part in a book, whether it be the Bible or not, where you just have to stop, let the depth of the words you’ve just read soak in and attempt, albeit multiple times, to keep on reading?


This was me with John 12 in The Message. I literally couldn’t turn the page. I read, reread, and read again sentences with such punch, particularly John 12, verses 20 through to 26.

Now it is Christmas, I’ve put John away and hit up Luke. I’ll come back to him though and discover more amazing insights into who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

“How marvellous, how boundless
Is Your love, is Your love
How wonderful, sacrificial
Is Your love for me”

You Bled – Rend Collective Experiment

My advice to a potential Pastor’s Wife

The other day I was contacted  by a friend on Facebook with the following message (names have been taken out to keep her privacy):

“So I was wondering if you may be able to help me out… I am after some advice on dating a pastor and potentially becoming a pastor’s wife haha. I happened to see RANDOM NEGATIVE NANCY EX-PASTOR GUY (name clearly removed) and he found out that I was dating a pastor and didn’t have anything positive to say about it which left me feeling quite unsure and discouraged. I was just wanting to know what your thoughts are on it and to see if it’s really as ‘bad’ as he was saying!”

This was the response I sent to her yesterday:

1. People who have had a negative experience will always expect everyone else’s experience to be the same as theirs – this is not true. This, in fact, is completely unfair and selfish to fling that expectation on you. You can choose to be happy and have an amazing experience.

2. Each “Pastor’s Wife/Pastor’s Girlfriend” is different to the next. Their level of social maturity, their commitment to their relationship, their spiritual growth and journey is so different from the next girl/woman. We cannot be expected to fit the same mould – I struggled with this BIG time in my first year of marriage.

3. God will not ever put you in a situation that He hasn’t equipped you to handle. This includes, pressure from friends, family, church members etc.

4. In the Bible, it says that we as Christians are called to ministers because we “believe”. Simply, some of us have Pr in front of our name and some of us don’t. We all have the same calling, it just looks different and comes in different packages.

5. Communication is key. If you are looking at going down the engagement path, I would encourage you to start having chats about expectations etc. Ask yourselves questions like

“What would it be like if…”

“What would you expect of me if…”

“How would you feel supported if we did this…”

I always said to Richie that our church should offer “Pre-Engagement Counselling”. I really wanted it before we got engaged, but we had some excellent “Pre-marital counselling” before we got married and it gave us incredible opportunities to talk about things we had never addressed (the unspoken stuff), or even were aware we needed to address.

6. There needs to be a level of independence in a Pastor’s Wife. I have some friends who can’t handle having a night where their husband is out or away. Try not seeing him for a week when he goes on school camp or even overseas to a speaking engagement. Potentially you will find yourself alone and you need to be comfortable with that. You will need to be able to make decisions and also have the confidence to release him to do the job he has been called to.


I love being a Pastor’s Wife, it is exciting, adventurous, and unpredictable.

I learnt quickly that it does not define me as a person, it is simply one of my many roles in life which God has called me to.

The Bible Garden – Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

I have a confession to make.

When I found this gorgeous little garden hidden in Palm Beach last Sunday, I was actually on a mission to find the house that The Bachelor is being filmed at.

I know, I know… *hangs head*

Last Sunday after my epic planning weekend with the other ladies from the GSC Women’s Ministries at Kurrajong Heights, Richie took me on a Sunday afternoon drive up to the Northern Beaches. At first I was a Negative Nancy thinking it was too far to go, then I realised two things:

1. In 2 months time I’m racing from Palm Beach to Manly – 35km’s to raise money and awareness for MITO –  I needed to visualise where I would be racing. You can sponsor me here – even if it is just $10 :)

2. I wanted to go see if we could find the house The Bachelor is filmed at. For no real reason at all except to see if it is in the place I imagine it is overlooking Pittwater.

After cruising up to Palm Beach with hit up some of the high roads and as I followed on Google Maps, “The Bible Garden” jumped out as a point of interest.

This is what we found…


Stunning right?

First thing I thought “Best place for a garden wedding EVER!” The girl on the right hand size at top of the steps with the boy staring up at her seemed to be in full planning mode.


What a legacy the Robinson family have left – a ministry which will never end.





For more details on this treasure you can visit their website here

Friday Nights are the best


Friday nights are really special to us and these days, it is very rare to “have a quiet one” at home. In more cases than not, we are hanging out with our Wahroonga Teens, or at Super Fridayz, or at One Way, or at Live@TheChapel or at Soul Sisters.

It is a busy and full life, but we love it.

Last night we got to hang out with these legends and it was so much fun.

We picked up 29 of the crew and headed down to the beach for an early dinner before Sabbath. Some of our teens invited friends from school to come along and it is incredible to see our group multiple each time we hang.

As I stood and chatted with some of the Mum’s before leaving, I got to be front row eye-witness to a big first-time introduction: “Mum, this is my girlfriend…”.

It was so awesome!

This is the life.

Serving. Hanging. Eating. Loving.

Father’s Day 2013

It’s exactly a week ago we celebrated Fathers Day with brunch here at our home. We had a great day together and also enjoyed having our friends Jenny and Bruce with us as well.


This year Vanessa and I gave Dad a gift that keeps on giving thanks to ADRA.


We also headed up to the most awesome Muogamarra Nature Reserve, a bushland reserve near Cowan, which is only opened for 6 weeknds of the year when the native wildflowers are in bloom. It’s the type of place our Aunty Shirley would love.



I had never seen a bush of Waratahs in flower until now.





We hope you had a great Father’s Day, Dad. It was awesome to spend the day as a family out in the bush. Xo

Richie’s Story – “My Life, My Joy, My All”




Richie shared his story at Church this past Sabbath and you can watch it online here:

http://new.livestream.com/FindJesus/events/2344484 – his sermon starts around 45-46mins.

This is in fact just a small fraction of the entire story, but it is a great insight into how God has destined him to lead, encourage, care and challenge others.

Last night I overheard him explain to a few ladies a bit more of the puzzle of how he ended up in the Reid’s home. One of his sisters watched the service online from the North Coast of NSW and rang him straight after. She added another layer of insight to his story.

She explained that their Mum and Dad had fostered other children before Richie and his little brother Rodney arrived. He actually always knew this, but what he didn’t know is that his parents had desperately tried through Queensland Family Services to have a pair of young brothers live with them on a permanent basis. They were devastated when told that the kids had to move on to another home.

How many times do we become upset, or even angry, about our circumstances?

God had the bigger picture. He always does. I am 100% confident that the Reid’s prayed and prayed, and agonised over this decision.  But God had a bigger and better plan.

He does every time.

Jeremiah 29:11

Happy Birthday Hugh!

This afternoon on Facebook my status update read: “Today has been seriously off the charts magnificent”. This was a total understatement.

Today our close friends Mark and Erica (well pretty much Erica…) gave birth to Richie and my newest little mate… Hugh Charles Aitken.

I ran out of a training meeting this morning when Mark rang me to share the news. “Oh my goodness! What’s going on?” “I’m a father.” I just burst our crying with total joy when he said those words. “Oh Mate, that is amazing. Oh my goodness, I’m so happy. I can’t stop myself. I’m crying like a baby! That’s fantastic news!” I actually had no idea if it was a boy or girl for few minutes until I think I asked “Hang on what is it?” I was in such a state of excitement for them. He told me again that it was a boy and at that point I confessed that on Sunday night I dreamt they had a boy. I found out today that both my sister and my mum dreamt they had a boy too. Random! Anyway, Richie was away in Kempsey today speaking at a school Chapel for NAIDOC week, and kinda missed out a little bit of the excitement but Mark rang him to share the news and hopefully we’ll be able to go over and hang out on Sunday.

So Huey, HC, Ninja, Ninj, Ginger Ninja, Sarge, (these are just a little selection of nicknames for him and his parents don’t actually know yet :) – except Clare suggested Huey which I think is awesome) you are an absolute miracle and like I told you today, God has big plans for you my little mate. Can’t wait to watch you grow into the boy, and eventually the man, that God has destined you to be. You’re Aunty Bec was smashed with tears of joy today for you little buddy. Especially when you were thrown at me by your super-cool Mum for a cuddle: “Hi Aunty Bec, I’m Hugh!”


This one time, I was told I might have cancer…

This week marks a fairly significant anniversary in my life.

Last year, after I arrived home from StormCo Nyngan, I found a lump on my breast. My first thought was “Oh crap. I have breast cancer. I better get that checked out.”

Accompanying that suspicious lump,  I also found a weird lump at the base of my neck on my shoulder. These lumps were swollen lymph nodes and the doctor found more of them under my underarms.

So this all led to many blood tests, ultrasounds, specialist appointments and finally a biopsy (day-surgery fun and games) of 3 samples – my swollen lymph node on my breast and neck, and a sample of my bruise on my arm.

Richie and I kept all this on the down low because we didn’t want to create a stir if it all came to nothing.

The following are my unedited journal entries from April 27 through to May 17, plus some funny instagram photos. Truthfully, I’m no Anne Frank – I don’t keep a journal normally, but at the time I felt a strong sense that I needed to write stuff down as a way of processing what I was going through. Also, I sensed I needed to do it just in case my journey was going to end that year. Maybe someone who was to read it would find some strength and encouragement.

27 April /2012
I feel I’m at a crossroads ready to hear a prognosis I won’t receive for about 3 weeks. I’m ready to throw on my “I’m gonna to punch Lymphoma in the face” sign. But I’m also ready to start dancing around the room punching the air and giving people high-fives for a bit of hoo-haa over nothing.

I’m so at peace it’s a little scary. “What ever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, “It is well, it is well, with my soul”. Whatever you do, don’t be mistaken, it’s not denial. I read somewhere on Twitter today, the greatest asset I hold is my faith. I can’t believe how much I have packed into only 31 years of life. As I sat in the Oncologists waiting room yesterday afternoon I thought “Stuff! If I was to die, there is really only 2 things that I wouldn’t have done in my life time: 1) Have a baby 2) Own a property… that’s it!!! People die not having done a quarter of the things that I’ve squeezed into 31 years.

I’m extremely grateful that Jesus commands my destiny. No power of hell, no scheme of man, could ever pluck me from his hand. For I am his, and He is mine, here in the power of Christ I stand.

Sign, sealed and delivered – Praise the Lord, I’m saved.

1 May 2012
Talk about an amazing network of family and friends I’ve got. 4 precious individuals who prayed for me today. Besides my Mum, sister and my Dad praying for me last night at the office, today it was fantastic to be covered in prayer.

After our Directors meeting this morning, Rob held one of my hands and laid his other hand on my shoulder and prayed for healing. Jacqs called me from Perth after Richie called Dan to tell them what was going on. She prayed for continued strength in my faith no matter what I face. Tonight Cheonneth stepped out of his Re:Framed meeting to call and check in on Richie, and pray with me over the phone. Then while I was writing this, Richie came round to my side of the bed and knelt down, and prayed. I definitely feel that I surrounded with prayer warriors.

Then there was a beautiful email from Auntie Shirley and a Facebook message from Aleks filled with hope based scripture and promises of prayer. Then there was the simple statement from Delmai – Keep your eyes on the Lord.

Wow. I’m totally in awe and totally blessed.

9 May 2012


All dressed up nowhere to go. Also refuses to turn when I say “Look at me! I want to remember your smile!” – taken in the reception of Day Surgery at the SAN

Finally the day is here. My first operation in 31 years of being alive. Last night and this morning I’ve been inundated with calls and SMS’ of promises of prayers and well wishes. This morning I really just want to go to Bunnings and get my Anti-mould hangings for the cupboard because my stupid return voucher ends in a few days. Stupid Bunnings. I feel positive and confident until Richie opens his mouth, plus this morning when I got an SMS from Zan. I think I got teary because she has been through it all a few years ago. Painting the Soul Sisters painting with her and the other girls had much more significance than what she will ever realise. Her testimony touched me in a very raw way. Especially when she was explaining why she started painting… She said “You know when I had my operation to have my Lymph nodes taken out…” HELLO! So close to home. VP was the only other person in the room who knew why I was crying while we listened so intently to her.

Right now, I feel strong when I’m alone – one with my thoughts and one with My God. I’m comfortable. I’m at peace. I’m at rest. As Lumpy said to Nathan on the day he had his operation, “I’ll either wake up and see you, or I’ll wake up and see Jesus.”

I almost want to ban Richie from pre-Op. Last night he told me that he was going to go sit in the Chapel while I was in surgery. Do you blame me? I’m going to tell him to go and see a movie and trust that God has this in the bag.

Now I’ve got to go shave my legs, my underarms and wash my hair. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to that again.

Just got a SMS from Dan saying “Google task of the morning look up Heidelberg Catechism focussing on Qu 27 & 28. Dooooo it” He is so funny.


High Five for God! Rocking and rolling :) – Taken in post-Op

10 May 2012
Went to bed filled with thankfulness and woke up overflowing with thankfulness to God. I totally felt amazing yesterday when I came out into Post-Op. That is because God was totally carrying me right through the whole thing.

Downsides of the whole thing:
Can’t wear a bra
These drugs make me so woosey that I can’t think straight – at all.


Recuperating in the sun – love winter sun at Ferndale


Stupid drugs.

17 May 2012 – Morning:
I feel like its Christmas. I’m getting a present today and I don’t know what it is. I’m a little excited and a little anxious… more excited though. You know how you get sometimes when you get a present, and you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit and you hope that there is a return/exchange voucher in that box so you can take the present back?!?

Anyway, I have a funny feeling the results are going to come out inconclusive.

Through the journey so far I have had three pictures in my mind:
1. The underarm of Jesus – this is the picture I had ready to “take me to my happy place” when they gave me the anesthetic last week. The sneaky buggers gave it to me without any warning. I think it was because I was so relaxed and happy. The underarm of Jesus is where you find warmth, protection, strength, security, rest.

2. I heard God clearly say to me in Dr Duffy’s surgery: “You’re in My boat.” When Dr Duffy mentioned the words specialist and lymphoma my immediate thought was God I need you in my boat – I need you. When I heard His words it was like he came down face to face, between Dr Duffy and myself and pointed to me lovingly and reassured me that He has got this. “You’re in My boat.”

3. In the shadow of His wings. Since those incredible images, I’ve felt it has been quiet on the “Bec & God” front. I read this week a quote that went something like “It’s extremely quiet when you are tucked under the wings of the Father.” This is exactly how I feel. It’s deathly quiet. But I’m protected, I’m secure and God is battling this “whatever” for me.

17 May 2012 – Night:
I’m a walking miracle. It’s nothing but a miracle when your Oncologist says to you “Well it’s good news. I’m really stoked actually, because I was 90% convinced that you had Lymphoma.” Out of the mouth of an Associate Professor who is top of his field. “If I was a betting man…”

What an amazing day. I laid in bed with the electric blanket on and secretly planned not to get up – it was too warm and cozy.

But I gritted my teeth and went to work for a couple of hours and then got picked up by Gret and Cade and taken to Sam’s to hang out for a few hours together with Lysh and Auntie Betty.

There were tears and laughing and an enormous amount of relief when we (just Richie and I) sat just outside the doctor’s surgery and started to make the calls. First Mum and Dad who were at home at #2, then Vanessa who was at work, then Rod and Derna and then we sent text messages to everyone else to let them know.

“NO LYMPHOMA Praise God, completely benign. But something is up with my immune system. My Oncologist said “I’m pretty stoked really! I was 90% convinced you were going to have some kind of Lymphoma.” He said that he only got the final results this morning. Total miracle. Thank you for your prayers and support, Bec & Richie.”

All glory to God – He hasn’t finished with me yet.


Girlfriend photo post-Oncologist appointment

Congress T-Shirts

As I am sorting through photos of Congress, I found a few pics of some great tee’s I saw around the camp ground in Brisbane.

I love a good t-shirt… but you already knew that from herehere and here. :)




I scored one of the above t-shirts from my friend Anna. I love it! It is advertising Adventist Employment in the South Pacific.




Soul Sisters represent!!! Love your work Val :)

A Christmas Road-trip

Remind me not to rely on my iPhone for all my photos. Do you have this problem? Maybe I just need to get hooked up with the iPhone 5… Festival of February a.k.a. my birthday month, is right around the corner John Pye Real Estate ;)





We began our little road-trip in Sydney with our new friend Maria, who is engaged to one of the other pastors at our new church. She caught a lift up to Port Macquarie where she was gong to stay with friends for the week.  We were able to use the stop-over as a catch-up with our friends the Rajcanys & Sheltons. Playing, laughing and telling stories with their kids Coop, Makita (Richie’s name for Mackenzie) and Sully is always filled with giggling! I’ve got a super cute video I’ll have to post at some stage.

Then the next day being Christmas Eve, we continued on up through Grafton and headed slightly north-west to Casino to follow the Lions Road to the Queensland border. I had never heard of it, but it was beautiful. Definitely worth exploring if you ever catch yourself in that area. The scenery changed from New Zealand-like farm yards to tropical rainforests and steep mountainous terrain.

That night we finally made it to the Aldridge’s in time for a quick swim with Fang and Aunty Nerilye’s Christmas Eve roast.

This week, I want to try to share all our World Changers Youth Congress photos. So there may be a stack of posts. By sharing this, it means it will get done :)

Accountability people, it’s all about accountability.

First Day at the Office for 2013



Yesterday was our first day at Wahroonga Adventist Church in an official capacity. We mainly hung out with the Teens, but we did get to meet a ton of new people after the main service and catch-up with some old friends.

I like not knowing what the future holds and I trust God has got 2013 in His hand. I truly am looking forward to an unbelivable 2013.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.